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Extremeline Productions LLC produces progressive outdoor recreation topo maps, mountain bike guide books, and adventure-related media. 

Extremeline is all about encouraging an active life with a spirit of adventure and appreciation for nature. 

We publish outdoor guide books, maps, and media to encourage this healthy lifestyle.  In addition to mountain biking trail and ride guides, Extremeline also produces outdoor photography, adventure topo maps, web pages and other media.  Happy Trails!

Extremeline's base camp is located in Kernville, CA, in the heart of the Kern River Sierra.

On the Web. Check out trail photos, GPX files, publishing updates, and other fun stuff from Extremeline at the following sites:

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Our Contact info is: info at extremeline dot com.  
Questions concerning online orders can be addressed to: orders at extremeline dot com.
Or go old school, pick up a phone, and call us at: 619-717-6292  
We'll try to respond by email within 2 business days.

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