Mountain Biking Mammoth Guide Book 

Updated guidebook: Mountain Biking Mammoth & the Eastern Sierra is here!

Mountain Biking Mammoth

Mountain Bike Trails of Mammoth Mountain, Bishop, June Lake & Beyond

ISBN 0-9723361-1-7
Printed in USA; 2005

208 pages
236 illustrations: pictures, profiles, maps
4.25" X 7" Pocket-sized book
Authors: David & Allison Diller

Depicts the singletrack trails and rides from:
  Mammoth Lakes region
  Mammoth Mountain
  June Lake/Tioga Pass area
  White Mountains
  Tungsten Hills
  ...and more!
See Table of Contents below.

Excerpt from back cover:
"Welcome to Mammoth, the High Sierra fat-tire fantasyland! Mountain bikers of all levels will enjoy endless miles of trails that scenically meander throughout pine and fir forests, high alpine meadows, and mountain ridges. There are plenty of options for every ability level, whether you want a mellow family ride or a gnarly downhill technical challenge. 

Depicting the trails around Mammoth, Bishop, June Lake and beyond, Mountain Biking Mammoth provides all the information necessary to discover and piece together your perfect mountain biking adventure. In addition to thorough ride descriptions, this pack-sized book contains scenic trail photos, GPS accurate maps, useful elevation profiles, and specific mileage guides to get you on your way." 

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Mountain Biking Mammoth Table of Contents:

Disclaimer/Important Information
Special Thanks
Mammoth Rides Map
Welcome To Mammoth
About This Guidebook
About Mammoth
Mammoth’s Past
Getting Around
High Country Climate and Weather
Other Considerations

Mammoth Mountain Trails
1.  Mammoth Mountain Bike Park
     A.   Off the Top
     B.    Beach Cruiser
     C.    Mountain View
     D.    Kamikaze
     E.    Upper Velocity
     F.    Velocity
     G.    Chain Smoke
     H.    Trail Home
     I.     Gravy Train
     J.     Bearing Straits
     K.    Uptown
     L.     Downtown
     M.    Brake Through
     N.    Seven Bridges
     O.     Ricochet
     P.     Skid Marks
     Q.    Bridge the Gap
     R.    Bullet
     S.    Big Ring
     T.    Lincoln Express
    U.     Shotgun          
    V.      Paper Route         
     W.   Timber Ridge
     X.     Juniper
     Y.     Lakes Trail
     Z.     Proposed Trails

  Mammoth Area Trails
2.     Uptown/Downtown Loop
3.     Mountain View Trail
4.     San Joaquin Ridge Ride (Hard Core)
5.     Starkweather Trail
6.     Mammoth Rock Trail
7.     Other Riding Nearby
           A.  Mammoth Creek Area
           B.  Meadow Trails
8.     Panorama Dome Trail
9.     Horseshoe Lake Trail
10.   Scenic Loop-Trail Ride
11.   Dry Creek Loop
12.   Inyo Craters Singletrack
13.   Other Riding Nearby
          A.  Inyo Craters Loop
          B.  Big & Little Smokey Loops
14.   Shady Rest Forest Loop
15.   Mammoth Knolls Loop
16.   Other Riding Nearby
          A.  Shady Rest BMX & Freeride Zones
          B.   Knolls Trails
          C.   Whoopty-Doos
17.    Town Bike Paths
18.    Laurel Lakes Ride

South of Mammoth
19.    Owens River Gorge Loop
20.    Sand Canyon Ride
21.    Other Riding Nearby
          A.   Wheeler Crest
          B.   Swall Canyon Trail
22.    Lower Rock Creek Trail
23.    Deep Canyon Singletrack Loop (Tungsten Hills)
24.    Coyote Flat Ride
25.    Black Canyon Ride
26.    Other White Mountains Rides
         A.  White Mountain Peak
         B.   Silver Canyon
         C.   Wyman Road
         D.   Crooked & Cottonwood Creek Roads

North of Mammoth
27.    Big Springs Loop
28.    Other Riding Nearby
          A.   Bald Mountain
          B.   Clark Canyon
          C.   Hartley Springs Loop
29.    Obsidian Dome Bike Loop
30.    Yost Meadow Trail
31.     Bennettville Trail
32.    Saddlebag Lake Trail
33.    Lake Canyon Trail

Hot Springs
Local Camping
Local Bike Shops
Local Bike Events
Local Resources
Index of Top 3 Rides by Category
Index of Trails and Rides
The Authors
Book Information

Mountain Biking Mammoth Guidebook




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